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In which I could die at any moment. Tousled is always that should be unlawful! Whoever produced this legislation in 1985 might had good intentions but has overstepped their borders. What I would like to know is how can we ring alongside one another to have our rights and liberties back again.

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We’re in 2008 Virtually 2009 that’s 23 many years of this crap. Energy and its time to resolve this garbage mandate. Law enforcement officers wish to possess possibilities along with victims, defendants. If they wish to keep independent or together, they need to be away from the pair’s palms.

Why in the world since the goal that is alleged am I getting propaganda which is about a girl. That is discriminatory and sexist! When it takes five 47, to convey the very least I’m not a camper at the bit and that I will probably be listened to once I Learn the way make my voice read rest assured I’ll attain this.

Incidentally, with a waste together with the taxpayers’ pounds the victims’ advocates are a joke together in my own belief for the part. Since they self proclaim they do anything in your case and may treatment less they are not the VOICE together with all the target.

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In my situation, the lawyer was needed by me as my lawful council and it broke the creditor but it may be worth it, I’ll know after I begin to observe the choose. For the individuals of you who are mad and sufferers, YOU aren’t all on your own! The big question is how other will we the people fix this defective law that can we talk to and how can we get this modified so Other people don’t need to deal with this nightmare it’s not justice nor is this the intention of the one that set this set up, they need to not have thought it via many of the ways before placing it setup. .

RICARDO S. MARTINEZ UNITED STATES DISTRICT JUDGE ORDER GRANTING DEFENDANT’S MOTION FOR SUMMARY JUDGMENT This matter comes before the Court upon Motion for Summary Judgment by Defendant John Du Wors (“Du Wors”). Dkt. # 80. Du Wors moves for summary judgment dismissal of all claims against him pled by Plaintiff Jennifer Schweickert.

PROCEDURAL AND FACTUAL BACKGROUND factual information is provided in the Court’s previous Order on Motions, dismissing Plaintiff’s claims against Defendants Chad and Elizabeth Rudkin. See Dkt. # 93. The instant action arises from a $200,000 loan created by Plaintiff Jennifer Schweickert to Defendant Hunts Point Ventures, Inc.

See Dkt. In her operative Amended Complaint, Plaintiff pleads three state law causes of action against Defendant Du Wors predicated on alleged misrepresentations made by Du Wors to induce Plaintiff’s investment in HPV: fraud in the inducement, negligent misrepresentation, and conspiracy theories Id. Plaintiff also insists that Du Wors appeared to hinder her contractual rights by re-booking her loan as an”angel investing ” Id.

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See Dkt. # 24. According to Plaintiff, HPV was integrated on or about May 3, 2010 by different friends of Mark Phillips, a non-party along with the now Plaintiff who was convicted in other criminal proceedings on counts of wire fraud, and mail fraud, and money laundering caused by theft from his former firm MOD Systems, Inc.

# 80, Ex. In 5:22-6:6. Since Phillips became involved in civil litigation with Mod Systems, Inc. in 2009 and 2010, as well as the subject of a criminal investigation, he contacted friends for help in funding his lawsuit expenses and protecting his intellectual property.

Phillips then licensed his intellectual property (“IP”) to the recently formed HPV, which was to increase funds by prosecuting violations of their IP. Id. At 11. Plaintiff contends that it had been her perception that HPV’s initial shares were split between Doug Lower and Stephen Schweickert, Chad Rudkin, and Mark Phillips.

Stephen Schweickert illustrates the initial stocks were evenly divided between himself and Joyce Schweickert, which the articles of incorporation of HPV were later amended to reallocate stock and voting. at 18, 22. Plaintiff asserts that she had been approached in April 2011 by Stephen Schweickert, also the boyfriend of her mother, Joyce Schweickert and her father’s cousin, to become an investor in HPV.

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Indicators on John Du Wors Practicing Attorney You Should Know

18; Dkt. # 90, Ex. A (S. Schweickert Decl.) , 18. Based on Stephen Schweickert, Joyce Schweickert had withdrawn her own investment in HPV out of concern that she might be implicated in the investigation of Phillips, also Plaintiff’s investment had been intended as replacement funds. Id. at 48-50.

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